Powerful Content.
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Unique, interactive content that significantly increases traffic and conversion – delivered monthly.

What is Content Kangaroo all about?

Content is King

Great content is the center of smart marketing. It drives search, social media, email, automation, sales and more.

Quality Content Delivers Results

Deep, engaging, and more valuable content gets more shares, more backlinks, increases conversion, convinces visitors of your expertise, and overall produces more visibility and leads.

We Focus On Making Quality Content Easy & Consistent For You

Content Kangaroo is a monthly subscription where we produce really unique, extremely interactive content for your site once a month.

Our belief is that quality produces more results than volume, so we help our customers simplify the process of creating stellar content.

Crazy, Cool Content

We have a wide range of content types to choose from for you. Most of them are interactive and include features that aren’t normally used on sites so you have content that is super extra special.


Visitors check off items, save their list, and share it.


Visitors select items, save them, and share them.


Explain a process or data visually all branded to you.


Ask questions, score answers and deliver useful results.


Collect data and produce a report or trends for your audience.

Trend Report

Animated and sortable trend graphs with info.

Parallax Gallery

Tell a story through imagery and text in a fun format.

Interactive Datasheet

Pull together data with filtering and sorting.


Let visitors test their knowledge or completion level.


Visitors enter data and select options to see a caluclated result.


Display information geographically with one or more maps.


Tell a story or explain a concept over a time period.

Solution Wizard

Allow visitors to select options to find whats right for them.

Comparison Chart

Provide a side-by-side chart with filtering and saving.

Topical Social Feeder

Pull in multiple feeds from social channels on a topic.

Whiteboard Video

Education, case studies or solutions animated.

Instructional Video

Take a process or concept and provide a simple step-by-step video.

Product / Process Tour

An interactive step-by-step experience to educate.


An interactive chart to outline processes or structures.


We interview you to create awesome video content.


Get high-quality, unique, and interactive content monthly. 


One new interactive, killer piece of content every month.

One content piece per month.

Site population/posting.

$ 829 / Month

$ 749 / Month

Until June 30th


Two new interactive, awesome pieces of content every month.

Two content pieces per month.

Includes premium content types.

Site population/posting.

$ 1,549 / Month

$ 1,459 / Month

Until June 30th


Two new interactive, awesome pieces of content every month with social media promotional graphics.

Two content pieces per month.

Includes premium content types.

Site population/posting.

Content promotional graphics.

$ 2,199 / Month

$ 2,099 / Month

Until June 30th

Have questions?  Book a call with a content strategist or contact us.

The Content Process

We know how to create great content.

Demand Evaluation

First we determine what your audience wants and they type of content that will drive traffic and conversion.

Content Planning

Next, we work with you to plan out all the details from writing and design to technology and implementation.

Content Creation

Now we leverage our team and tools to create a highly engaging and interactive piece of content for your site.


With our Boomer package, we’ll create social and email graphics to distribute with style and effect.

Who’s Behind The Roo?

We’ve got a team of writers, designers, and developers. Meet our leaders making big content happen.

Tony Zayas

Andy Halko

Matt Benedetti

Julia Toke

Our Content

Marketing Budget Calculator

Determine what you should spend on marketing.


Digital Marketing Timeline

Explore digital marketing launches and milestones.


#Content Marketing

Explore content from social channels on content marketing.

Topical Social Feeder

Quality Over Quantity

Generating awareness and leads is a common pursuit for every business. But, isn’t always that simple.

Parallax Gallery

A Content Planning Checklist

We’re sharing our checklist for how to plan great content. Feel free to work your way through and share completed items…


A little more

Content Kangaroo was born out of a belief that quality produces more results than quantity and that it doesn’t have to be hard to produce quality content.

We’ve developed some amazing content and made the functionality and process of creating it simpler. This allows us to focus on taking your existing content and making it significantly better.

Why is this different than hiring an agency?

We have built a platform and process to create really great, interactive content. Compared to an agency, Content Kangaroo gives you higher quality content at a more reasonable price – who doesn’t want that.

What if I don’t like the content?

We have a process to work closely with you to present the concept, organize the content, get approval, and implement it. Everything is so transparent its rare you don’t love it.

Can I cancel anytime?

Subscriptions are on auto renew and can be cancelled anytime but will continue for 60 days from cancellation to complete any in progress content.

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